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English to Spanish Translation Agency


We are a Spanish translation agency based in the UK, specialising in English and Spanish languages for both print and new media. We translate and proofread a full range of literature and general business, from marketing brochures, advertisements and tourist guides to correspondence, company websites and articles.

Crucial to our success – and the success of your business – is our understanding of Spanish culture, traditions and idioms. We employ only native Spanish-speaking translators as they are immersed in the social and business culture of Spain and write in perfect standard (international) Spanish.

But we are more than a just translation service.

We provide specialist SEO services for promoting your business in Spanish markets – for example, by providing critical keyword/​phrase research, writing original articles and using social media to drive traffic to your website.

For more information on our newly expanded portfolio of languages and services, visit our Services.


Language is much more than simply grammar and spelling. It is about culture and traditions.

— Inma Sanchez, Director, Floating Penguin

Floating Penguin created a Spanish language version of our website with great precision and superb professional­ism. We are now generating revenue from Spanish-speaking markets, and have retained FP’s services for all future revisions to our site.

— UniWord Director, March 2014 

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Your original is proofread. We suggest modifications in grammar, syntax and presentation.

Our proofreading services include in-depth editing to ensure your message sounds natural in our native countries. 

In our experience, only native speakers can be sufficiently familiar with local culture and traditions.

Read more about our services and see how our proofreading service works.


María, a young woman in eighteenth century Andalusia, is going to the market in her humble working gown...

...she looks radiant in her figure-hugging dress.

Read more to find out the origin of the typical Spanish 'flamenco costume'.

Author: Inma Sanchez
Spanish translator at Floating Penguin


Britons are well known for their politeness. The characters played by Hugh Grant are good example of British politeness.

The difference between what Britons say and what they really mean could be tricky to understand for a foreigner.

Alice Philipson has published a translation table in which she reveals that 'Quite good' often means 'A bit disappointing'.

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